Hip Hop Tamizahn: Adhi is back with his superhit Tamil Rap song Club Le Mabbu Le Official Music Video.

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Club le mabbu le

Clubbula Mabbula official music video is released from HipHop Tamizha. The video features songwriter-singer Adhi and many girls.

Artists: Aadhi, Anusha, Joshi Vivian, Susan, Harini, Sri Chitra, Sas
Music Director: Zha Factory
Music Label: Think Music

Hip Hop Tamizha Tracklist:

  1. Manithan Tamizhan - Aadhi
  2. Tamizhanda - Aadhi
  3. Tamizh Theriyum Aadhi, Anusha
  4. Club Le Mabbu Le - Adhi, Anusha
  5. Sentamizh Penne - Adhi, Joshi Vivian
  6. Ini Illaye Hum - Adhi, Susan
  7. Cheap Popularity - Aadhi
  8. Iraiva - Adhi, Harini, Sri Chitra, Josh Vivian
  9. Karpom Karpipom - Adhi, Susan, Chorus
  10. Hey Do What I Say - Adhi, Mimicry by Sasi
  11. Stop Piracy - Aadhi

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Production Company: Think Music