Hip Hop Tamizahn: Adhi is back with his superhit Tamil Rap song Club Le Mabbu Le Official Music Video.

Club le mabbu le

Clubbula Mabbula official music video is released from HipHop Tamizha. The video features songwriter-singer Adhi and many girls.

Artists: Aadhi, Anusha, Joshi Vivian, Susan, Harini, Sri Chitra, Sas
Music Director: Zha Factory
Music Label: Think Music

Hip Hop Tamizha Tracklist:

  1. Manithan Tamizhan - Aadhi
  2. Tamizhanda - Aadhi
  3. Tamizh Theriyum Aadhi, Anusha
  4. Club Le Mabbu Le - Adhi, Anusha
  5. Sentamizh Penne - Adhi, Joshi Vivian
  6. Ini Illaye Hum - Adhi, Susan
  7. Cheap Popularity - Aadhi
  8. Iraiva - Adhi, Harini, Sri Chitra, Josh Vivian
  9. Karpom Karpipom - Adhi, Susan, Chorus
  10. Hey Do What I Say - Adhi, Mimicry by Sasi
  11. Stop Piracy - Aadhi

Production Company: Think Music

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Tags: Tamil Songs