Official Music video of Tera Mera Pyar featuring hot and sexy Neha Bhasin. Watch tera video with lyrics.

Tera Mera Pyar Lyrics

Tera Mera is new single by Hot & Sexy Indian singer Neha Bhasin. The singer previously has released some hot singles like Apple Bottoms, Tabaah etc. It looks the songstress don't want to be a typical "playback" singer which is really a great thing. She is doing great efforts and putting them in right direction.
Probably she has the most well managed Youtube channel among Indian music celebrities and using that nicely.

Tera Mera Pyar Lyrics

In raahon pe gumsum sa ye dil mera kyun kho gaya
In aankhon se gumraah sa woh aansu yun hi beh gaya (x2)

Gir ke shamblna teri aashiqui mein jaana kitna hai yaarana
Maine nahin dekha dostana hai teraa.. mera pyaar
Mera... tera pyar..
Tera... mera pyar mera tera pyar

Soye thay dil ke kuch armaan phir se jaag gaye
Khoye se ab rehte hain hum to bas khayaalon mein (x2)

Arso se ghayal ab toote hue dil ko phir se milli panaah
Badi hi nazaaqat se paaya tune yaha ha
Mera pyaar, mera....Tera pyaar
Tera.... mera pyaar, mera pyaar meraa mera tera pyaar...

Tera... mera pyar
Mera.. tera pyar
Tera.. mera pyar
Mera.. mera aa aa tera tera pyar

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